The annual Monopoly at McDonald’s game is more than an iconic, anticipated, customer-engaging promotion—it’s a chance to shift the voice of the McDonald’s brand with a theme, concept, language, and design experience that mirrors the tone of the year. After incorporating the new look and feel, the success of the game kept myself and the team busy with annual redesigns over a three year span from 2012 through 2014.

The 2014 McDonald's Monopoly Online Game introduced consumers to a new way of keeping track of their game pieces. A tracker was incorporated that would allow users to take product codes found on packaging and log them online to give them another chance to collect on the instant win game. Knowing that consumers would want to have a way to track on the go or in restaurant, the mobile interface was designed first.

The execution of the new game lasted four months including dozens of discussions with legal over how to frame up the 40+ different prizes throughout 100+ responsive web pages.
McDonald’s refreshed their global brand guides, we were asked to bring Mr. Monopoly back and ultimately created a new illustrated take on McDonald's Monopoly brand guidelines. The new lighthearted redesign was successfully implemented across packaging, web, and point of sale.​​​​​​​ Players were instructed to click on "Play" where a win resulted in the prize shown on screen.
In a sizable overhaul from previous online Monopoly game, players must click on "Spin" first, and if it landed on "GO!", the player wins the online prize shown. The below McDonald's Monopoly brand guidelines implemented on mobile, tablet and desktop.
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